Kathy Amen
silk paintings
email: kathyamendesign@gmail.com
phone: (970) 596-5520

Nancy Anderson
jewelry, mixed media
email: sweetbirdjewel@aol.com
phone: (303) 440-9891
website: www.sweetbirdstudio.com

Sheila Anderton
email: freshbakedpottery@gmail.com
phone: (970) 497-0492

Susan Anderton
acrylics, drawing, ink work, oil paintings, pastels, printmaking, watercolor
email: andertonstudio@aol.com
phone: (970) 349-8908

Joan Banker
uncommon hand knit accessories for women and the home
email: wwknits@earthlink.net
phone: (970) 349-9294

Karen Barney
painting, drawing
email: karensbarney@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 596-9586
website: www.karenbarneyart.com

WC Bennett
acrylics, painting
email: bica71@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 641-4230

Kevin Beltz
jewelry, metal work, sculpture
email: beltz_crestedbutte@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 349-6729

Miroslav Beranek
painting, oil painting
email: vytvarnikmiroslavberanek@seznam.cz
phone: (970) 417-7794

Barb Bichon
hand painted glass
email: barb@bbglasscreations.com
phone: (970) 201-7566
website: www.bbglasscreations.com

Gwen Biro
fiber works
email: gwenbiro@gmail.com
phone: (970) 596-6130

Janet Birch
handwoven rugs
email: jbrugs@gmail.com
phone: (970) 349-0435

Jesse Blumenthal
3D Mixed Media
phone: (603) 380-6496
email: JMBlumenthal@gmail.com
website: www.JesseBlumenthal.com

Garret Bock
printmaking, woodcuts, pen and ink
email: garretbock@gmail.com
website: www.garretbock.com

Trent Bona
email: trent@trentbona.com
phone: (704) 877-0467
website: www.trentbona.com

Dana Bradley
2D mixed media, acrylics, ink drawing, oil painting, papermaking, watercolor
email: perennialent@aol.com

Julie Bremer
2D mixed media, bead work, drawing, jewelry, watercolor
email: healthyjulie1970@gmail.com
phone: (970) 349-6294 or (970) 275-5088

Joshua Burgess
acrylic painting, gem & mineral specimens
email: empirestateofmind83@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 259-2213

Greg Burns
2D mixed media, ink, & watercolor
email: gburns@gregburns-fineart.com
phone: (405) 842-5024
website: www.gregburns-fineart.com

Lian Canty
Calligraphy, oil painting, watercolor
email: lcantydesigns@gmail.com
phone: (970) 343-0680
website: www.liancantyartist.com

Tama Capellini
fiber arts
email: flyingheartfelt@gmail.com
phone: (239) 404-0048

Elinda Card
watercolor, note cards
email: elindaandbill@gmail.com
phone: (970) 641-1524

Nancy Cavazos
mixed metal jewelry
email: loandnancy@aol.com
phone: (248) 558-0225

Becky Chappell
acrylics, oils, pastels, watercolor
email: becky3353@gmail.com
phone: (720) 394-6025
website:  www.beckychappellartist.com

Chuck Chetwin
photography on canvas, framing
email: shothung@gmail.com
phone: (970) 596-0310

Karen Clement
email: krnclem@gmail.com
phone: (970) 209-4378

Dawn Cohen
oil painting
email: dawncohen1@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 209-2669

Claire Conner
bead work, jewelry
email: texasconners@gmail.com
phone: (214) 701-3358

Carol Connor
2D & 3D mixed media, acrylics, drawing, installations
email: carolconnor@wildblue.net
phone: (970) 641-3153
website: www.carolconnor.net

Kirsten Cook
email: kirsten513@msn.com
phone: (520) 400-9544

Rosalind Cook
email: Rosalind@RosalindCook.com
phone: (970) 349-0127
website: www.RosalindCook.com

Megan Craver
Oil Paintings
email: cravermeg@gmail.com
phone: (484) 515-7169
website: www.megancraver.net

Alyssa Dautrich
email: alyshine@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 209-6569

Amanda Davidson
mixed media, found object work
email: wanderswithin@hotmail.com
phone: (760) 223-0063

Jared & Nicole Davis
hand blown glass
email: davis@northrimglassstudio.com
phone: (970) 921-4527
website: www.northrimglassstudio.com

Elisabeth Delehaunty
Wearable Art
email: duds@elisabethan.com
phone: (970) 527-4073
website: www.elisabethan.com

Dusty Demerson
email: dusty@demersonphotography.com
phone: (970) 349-5038
website: www.demersonphotography.comwww.imagescolorado.com

Petar Dopchev
email: petar@petardopchev.com
phone: (508) 246-8686
website: www.wideclosedshutter.com

Jinny Downing
Oil Painting, Watercolor
email: jinnydowning60@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 641-5010

Patrick Duke
plein air painting in oils
email: patrick.duke@artandangling.com
phone: (720) 301-5806

Katie Dunkle
email: Kdunkle89@gmail.com
phone: (717) 576-5883
website: www.kdunkle.com

Elsie Edstrom
glass art
email: elsiewedstrom@gmail.com
phone: (970) 210-8090
website: https://EyeCandyGlassShop.etsy.com

Karen Edstrom
fused glass art
email: draggedkickingscreaming@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 641-3810

Laura Cooper Elm
ceramics, painting, digital media
email: laura@lcelm.com
phone: (970) 209-8085
website: www.lauracooperelm.com

Laurie Embry
functional stoneware
email: laurielembry@yahoo.com
phone: (719) 207-1454

Holly Emerson
fiber work, wearable art
email: hjshatsofcb@gmail.com
phone: (970) 596-0424

Marty Evans
email: marty@evansinc.com
phone: (970) 417-2360
website: www.marty-evans-finearts.com

Xavier Fane
email: xavi@rmi.net
phone: (970) 275-6226
website: www.xavierfane.com

Paul & Joanne Ferron
bead work, jewelry, banjo music
email: banjoman6@yahoo.com
phone: (508) 208-9953

Susan Firestone
oil painting & bronze sculpture
email: sagemax@aol.com
phone: (480) 994-0986 or (970) 349-5736
website: www.susanfirestone.com

Bill Folowell
oil painting
email: gso105@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 641-6832
website: www.billfolowellfineart.blogspot.com

Mary K. Forshagen
oil painting
email: mkforshagen@comcast.net
phone: (713) 973-7353 (winter) or (970) 642-0404 (summer)
website: www.forshagen.com

Taryn Frame

Kim Frayer
beadwork, jewelry
email: kim@cleavagecandy.com
phone: (970) 596-4767

Adam Freed
oil painting
email: adamandkathy@adelphia.net
phone: (970) 349-6860

Kelly Frimel
email: Kellyfrimelinirwin@gmail.com
phone: (970) 765-6924
website: www.kellyfrimel.com

Suzette Gainous
email: suzincb@gmail.com
phone: (970) 349-7451
website: www.suzettegainousphotography.com

Jim P. Garrison
email: jimpgar@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 641-5520
website: www.paragonartgallery.com

Melissa Gates
oils, pastels, drawing
email: mgates@paintedponycafeandgallery.com
phone: (281) 635-1883
website: www.paintedponycafeandgallery.com

Tom Gibbons
collage, printmaking, watercolor
email: tomsart@crestedbutte.net
website: www.tomsimagesandnews.blogspot.com

Janet Giesselman
email:  jgiesselman@q.com
phone: (317) 625-2241

Emily Goughary
3D mixed media, bead work, fiber work, jewelry
email: egoughary@gmail.com
phone: (315) 244-4944

Rebecca Grice
oil painting, photography
email: rggrice@gmail.com
phone: 334-303-5275
website: www.rebeccagriceart.com

Bobby Harding
email: theboxbabbles@gmail.com
phone: (216) 789-9025

Mary Hockenbery
email: ravensdreamscape@gmail.com
website: www.maryhockenbery.com
phone: 970-314-3373

Lara Holland
email: Lara@niyoljewelry.com
phone: 970-988-2498
website: www.Niyoljewelry.com

Chelsea Hoitt
email: chelseahoitt@yahoo.com
phone: (603) 273-7022

Karen Hill
watercolor, pencil
email: krh7120@aol.com
phone: 303-748-7090

John Holder
email: Jholderco@gmail.com
phone: (970) 417-8353
website: www.jholder.smugmug.com

Theressa Hoots
2D mixed media, beadwork, acrylics, jewelry
email: thoots@live.com
phone: (970) 275-2560

Shaun Horne
plein air oil paintings
email: ohbejoyfulgallery@mac.com
phone: (970) 349-5936
website: www.shaunhorne.com

Jeffrey Horvat
email: jefe024@gmail.com
phone: (970) 903-3578

Bailey Hosier
ceramics, drawing, jewelry
email: bbaileyah@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 275-3142

Harriet Huff
oil painting
email: harriethuff@yahoo.com
phone: (808) 298-3921
website: www.harriethuff.com

Sandra Huffman
charcoal, oil painting
email: sandyhuffman@gmail.com
phone: (970) 349-7179

C. Lang Ingalls
letterpress printing, bookbinding
email: lang@langingalls.com
phone: (970) 349-6620
website: www.langingalls.com

John Ingham
oil painting
email: ingham@crestedbutte.net
phone: (970) 349-5174
website: www.inghamart.com

Cheri Isgreen
2D, 3D mixed media, watercolor, fiber works
email: 22monarch@gmail.com
phone: (970) 596-5555
website: www.equitherapy.wordpress.com/a>

Allan Ivy
email: allan@allanivy.com
phone: (970) 641-3186
website: www.allanivy.com

Jane E. Jones
watercolor, acrylic & collage, mixed media
email: janejonesart@yahoo.com
phone: (972) 407-1566 Dallas or (970) 944-2794 Lake City
website: www.janejonesart.com

Philip Jones
phone: (970) 201-7215

Mary Jursinovic
email: cbpots@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 275-6701
website: www.crestedbuttepottery.com

Mary Kasala
email: kasala@outlook.com
phone: (970) 251-5055, (970) 596-0015
website: www.kasalagallery.com

Timbre Kegermann
Leather work
email: timbre.lee.kegermann@gmail.com
phone: (970) 275-5454

Keena & Jason Kimmel
photography (Keena) & glass art (Jason)
email: lunaindurango@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 259-2213

Brent Laney
email: brentjlaney@gmail.com
phone: (970) 209-2158

LaDonna Largo
3D mixed media, leather work, wearable art
email: ladonnalargo@aol.com

Jacob Layton
graphic design, photography, acrylic & oil on canvas
email: laytonjake@gmail.com
phone: (816) 589-7688

JC Leacock
email: jc@leacockphoto.com
phone: (970) 901-0087
website: www.jcleacock.com

Josh Legere
mixed medium
email: cbtownie@gmail.com
phone: (970) 901-0087
website:  www.facebook.com/skichairs

Kate Linehan
email: plantdyedgoods@gmail.com
phone: (970) 618-7609
website:  www.plantdyedgoods.com

Kristopher Linn
email: pineapplesilverdesigns@gmail.com
phone: (970) 366-2668

Leslie Locklear
3D mixed media, found object art
phone: (970) 642-0940

Shelley Shanks Lockwood
email: shelley@shelleyshanks.com
phone: (713) 240-0098
website: shelleyshanks.com

Chelsea Lord
3D Mixed Media
email: lordc@wnmu.edu
phone: (575) 313-0087

Shannon Lowry
email: lowrysd@gmail.com
website: www.shannonlowry.net

Sarah Madaj
glass jewelry & sushi plates
email: transitionvideos@aol.com
phone: (970) 765-1035

Don Mancini
email: marilynnmancini@gmail.com
phone: (970) 349-7777

Beth Marcue
mixed media, graphic artist
email: bmarcue@roadrunner.com
phone: (970) 596-1848
website: www.bethmarcue.com

Faith Markell
wearable textile art from reclaimed materials
email: sapphirespruce@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 349-6370

Bob Maurer
oil painting, watercolor
email: maurerart@mac.com
phone: (970) 589-2025
website: www.maurerart.com

Nancy McCoy
2D mixed media, acrylics, drawing, gouache, watercolor, casein
email: realmccoy@crestedbutte.cc
phone: (970) 596-5339

Sooner McKay
email: soonermckayart@gmail.com
phone: (970) 433-5953
website: www.soonermckayart.com

Ben McLoughlin
email: jbmcloughlin@mac.com
phone: (970) 274-2309

Laura McLoughlin
email: lauramaisyotis@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 274-2309

Ivy McNulty
horsehair jewelry & accessories
email: ivymcnulty@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 275-0043
website: www.imsilver.com

Shea McWilliams
jewelry, fiber work
email: Sheaski7@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 596-3894

Elise Meier
Colorado wildflower jewelry and wall pieces
email: fallingleaf.cb@gmail.com
phone: (970) 349-2494
website: www.fallingleafdesign.etsy.com

Ashley Merrifield
painting, photography, writing
email: ashleyleigh5@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 641-2446

Betsy Menand
gouach painting, photography, notecards, wildflower banners and flags, wildflowers and landscapes
email: betsymenand@gmail.com
phone: (970) 641-4485

Anne Michel
phone: (970) 641-6111
email: gunnisongallery@hotmail.com
website: www.gunnisongallery.net

Steven ‘Smokey’ Moore
leather work

Gregg Morin
phone: (970) 641-1137
email: gunnisongallery@hotmail.com
website: www.gunnisongallery.net

Daren Morrison
Up-cycled and re-purposed stone art
email: morrisontileandstone@gmail.com
phone: (970) 209-7004
website: www.morrisonstoneart.com

Cheri L. Moyer
2D & 3D mixed media, acrylics, fiber work, jewelry, metal work, photography, woodworking, writing (haiku)
email: cherielke@msn.com
phone: (970) 641-1973

T. Dennis Murray
mixed media assemblage
email: tdennismurray@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 642-0273

Melinda Myers
feather and beaded jewelry
email: naturessundance@hotmail.com
phone: (719) 256-4773

Joseph Newton
email: minimaljoe@gmail.com

Luisa Kingsdale Naughton
email: luisa@lkclay.com
phone: (970) 901-9988
website: www.lkclay.com

Jody Nixon
tie dyed clothing & linens
email: tiedyedtoad@gmail.com
phone: (970) 275-9121

Gretchen Norwalk
wildlife painter, artist, art teacher
email: sgncolors7@gmail.com
phone: 303-476-8311
website: www.gretchennorwalk.com

Rebecca Susan Ofstedahl
wedding, portrait and fine art photography
email: thirdeyephoto1@gmail.com
phone: (914) 548-8078
website: www.3rdeyephoto.net

Richard O’Kell
email: hasbeendoc@gmail.com
phone: (970) 349-1948
website: www.hasbeendoc.com

Elizabeth Overholser
email: elizabethoverholser@gmail.com
phone: (512) 925-1914

Sally Owen
wearable art
email: rand_sal@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 527-5225
website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FussyHats?ref=search_shop_redirect

Craig Palmer
email: craig@fromthehighcountry.com
website: www.fromthehighcountry.com

Patrice Palmer
email: patrice@alpineanimalart.com
website: www.alpineanimalart.com

Kenzie Perkins
email: kenzie.perkins@westernalum.org
phone: (210) 262-5680
website: www.facebook.com/91PerksPhotography

Heather Peterson
glass work
email: htnorthernlights@gmail.com
phone: (970) 349-1427

Suzanne Pierson
2D mixed media, acrylics, watercolor & songwriting
email: suzanne@metawealth.net
phone: (303) 818-1890
website: www.suzannepierson.com

Sandra Ploch
watercolor, acrylic, ink and oil paintings
email: plochartwork@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 349-2129 or (252) 573-1523

Brieanna Radford
cMixed Media
email: brieannasmythe@gmail.com
phone: (213) 248-3725
website: www.hamsterfood.wordpress.com

Lori A.T. Raper
email: latr@musicalmud.com
phone: (970) 210-5181
website: www.Musicalmud.com

Kurt Reise
photography, acrylics, drawing, fiber work, pencil
email: kurtreise@gmail.com
phone: (970) 901-6639
website: www.capturingcrestedbutte.com

Nicholas Reti
watercolor, oil paintings and gouaches
email: nreti@hotmail.com
phone: (720) 301-0082
website: www.nicholasreti.com

Jennifer Rose
email: jroseincb@yahoo.com

Donna Rozman
decorative ceramics
email: mysdpottery@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 275-5474
website: www.donnarozman.com

Tom Rozman
email: tommyrozman@yahoo.com
phone: 970-988-9780

Jannette Runge
email: rogirunge@msn.com
phone: (970) 596-6383
website: www.cochetopaimages.com

Don Ruwald
email: peacefulforest36@gmail.com

Jessica Ryan
acrylics, bead Work, drawing, jewelry, leather work, painting, pastels, pencil, photography, writing
email: starlight80@live.com
phone: (720) 289-4165

Ruth Scheier
email: angelfire1270@hotmail.com
phone: (303) 200-0568

Mary K Schmidt
email: redlinegallerycb@gmail.com
phone: (970) 251-5110
website: redlinegallerycb.com

Tracy Schwartz
2D mixed media, painting, photography, woodworking
email: t.schwartz11@hotmail.com
phone: (920) 286-1010
website: tracy-schwartz.com

Kate Seeley
all media, idea generator
email: kate@kateseeley.com
phone: (970) 273-9155
website: www.kateseeley.com

Ann Sharkey
watercolor, acrylics, fiber art
email: MoonRidgeGallery@gmail.com
phone: (920) 456-1321

Nina Shea
sewing, children’s clothing, pillows
email: ninea2002@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 275-1350

Renata Sieck
hand-embellished images on canvas, drawing, watercolor, jewelry
email: renatasieck@gmail.com
phone: (970) 641-0623

Teri Smith
jewelry, belt buckles, wind chimes
email: jewelrysmith@hotmail.com
phone: (970) 596-0576
website: www.thejewelrysmith.com

Gail Sovick
acrylics, drawing, fiber work, pencil, watercolor
email: gailsovick@gmail.com
phone: (970) 596-1024

Eric Steacy
woodworking, sculpture
email: esteacy@gmail.com
phone: (510) 301-7585

Peggy Morgan Stenmark
email: pmorganoriginals@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 349-7762
website: www.pmorganoriginals.com

Jack Stevenson
collage, oils, watercolor
email: jstevefam@aol.com
phone: (970) 209-7422

Juliet Stillman
The Downward Facing Dog
email: info@thedownwardfacingdog.com
phone: (970) 209-7096
website: www.thedownwardfacingdog.com

Sandy Sullivan
fiber work: original designs hand painted on silk scarves & pillows
email: sandybeach1975@gmail.com
phone: (970) 641-5496 or (970) 376-2504 (cell)

Priscilla Swanson
email: pswanson@roadrunner.com
phone: (970) 596-4228

Lin Sweitzer
Acrylic, oil, pastel, mixed media collage
email: designcolorado@msn.com
phone: (303) 818-1066

Margaret Tange
acrylics, drawing, sculpture
phone: (970) 349-0818

Heather Thomas
acrylic and graphite
email: heatherthomas305@gmail.com
phone: (701) 202-8583

Zack Thurmond
email: zthurmond@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 596-8326

William Tintera
2D mixed media, calligraphy, puppetry, woodworking, wood carving: low relief & in the round
email: w.tintera@gmail.com
phone: (970) 417-0985

Andi Tippie
email: andi@tippiepics.com
phone: 303-881-9298
website: www.tippiepics.com 

Woody Tsosi
phone: (928) 383-4134

Deanna Jo Tubb
oil painting, bronze & clay sculpture, watercolor
email: jotubb@hotmail.com

Krishna Valencia
email: kreesmas@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 209-7994

Sherrie Vandervoort
2D mixed media, painting
email: sherbearcb@yahoo.com

Ivy Walker
installation, photography, land art & drawing
email: ivy@ivywalker.com
phone: 970-275-1875
website: www.ivywalker.com

Lynn Waltke
2D mixed media, acrylics, drawing,  oils, photography, watercolor
email: lynnwaltke@comcast.net
phone: (520) 309-5990

Caitlin Rose Ward
jewelry, photography
email: caitlin@lonewolfcollective.com
phone: (970) 306-1186
website: www.lonewolfcollective.com

Ken Webb
Metal Work
email: kenwebb@quietbearart.com
phone: (520) 488-6831
website: www.quietbearart.com

David Wilcove
oils, drawing, installations, printmaking
email: davidwilcove@gmail.com
phone: (518) 423-1414

Carol Wilkins
email: vivantedesigns@gmail.com
phone: (970) 946-9460
website: www.vivantedesigns.com

Rachelle Williams
2D mixed media, painting
email: tameroflions212@gmail.com
phone: (970) 641-3032
website: http://hatecomputerswilly.wix.com/rachelles-portfolio

Bill Wolfson
email: wolfson@rmi.net
phone: (952) 334-4554
website: www.billwolfsoncreative.com

Kimbre Woods
email: kimbre@kimbrewoods.com
phone: (970) 596-8504
website: www.kimbrewoods.com, www.kimbrewoodsphotography.com

Beth Wright
email: beth@mypeacedog.com
phone: (303) 718-1600
website: www.mypeacedog.com

Meaghan Young
email: info@crestedbuttejewlery.com
phone: (970) 596-9826
website: www.crestedbuttejewelry.com

Nancy Yuskaitis
glass art, fused glass jewelry, handcrafted jewelry
email: nancyyjewelry@comcast.net
phone: (239) 248-2234 or (970) 349-7011

Michelle Zanga
mixed medium
email: cbcardcompany@yahoo.com
phone: (970) 648-4870 ex.2